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Missing Links use top Spanish meat producers El Pozo and Heliosur for beef. Most is matured for a minimum of four weeks to give good flavour and tenderness. Paul prepares all your favourite cuts .... Brisket or Steak and Kidney through to Ribs on the bone, Sirloin or Fillet. Our steaks have a well deserved reputation. The Mince is always very lean. If you need something special for a dinner party, we can supply it.

El Pozo also supplies all of the pork we use. Once again Paul meticulously prepares the range. Belly pork in slices or joints with fine crackling. Pork chops or Steaks. Tender Fillet. Ribs. Minced pork & liver to order. And we use the loin for joints to roast, usually with a large Pork Fillet rolled with it.

Heliosur from Lorca is our source for some lovely Lamb. We buy whole carcases so every type of cut can be prepared. Whole or part boned leg joints to roast. Boneless shoulders left plain or seasoned with Mint to roast or barbecue. Chump Chops, Cutlets or Best loin Chops. Barnsley Chops. Diced. Minced. Racks of lamb French trimmed and left plain, or seasoned with Rosemary and Garlic. Liver and Kidneys too but demand often outweighs supply for these.

Please remember that if an item you wish to buy is not on display, it does not mean we don't have it.

Please ask. It's good to talk.

Beef - Pork - Lamb

We always have jars of GOOSE FAT to help you make the most delightful roast potatoes to accompany your roast dinners