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For those of us who have been residing in Spain for a number of years we know to maintain a business into its eighth year is no mean feat, such is the record of Missing Links, the English Butchers based in Los Belones. Run by Paul and Steph Johnson and ably assisted by Roy Ellis, this lovely shop is kitted out to perfection, with air-con, walk in cold rooms and top-notch refrigerated display units. Paul a 3rd generation family butcher has been plying his trade for too many years to remember and if you think you have tasted good sausages then try one of his many home made varieties.


They hold two full working licences allowing both the preparation on the premises of meat products and the sale of their fabulous Cornish Pride range. Three of Spain's very best companies supply Missing Links with top quality meat, which has a full history of where it was born, what is was fed, right up to arrival in the shop accompanied by full health certificates leaving one in no doubt as to the quality of their produce. Please feel free to ask Paul or Steph any questions you like for even more information and background, they are only too pleased to oblige. May I also add that no meat is mechanically retrieved, if you are like me and do not know what it means to put it simply some companies, to not miss any meat at all, completely strip the bones of carcases via water pressure and that goes into all sorts of products.


You know when you go in a Spanish butcher's and try to explain the type of cut you wish, or to please leave some fat on my pork for crackling and they look at you as if you have just stepped out of Dr Who's Tardis? No such problems here, Paul prepares all cuts freshly in his separate raw meat preparation area, which being behind glass you may witness whist purchasing your items. Take a family favourite like lamb for instance, all lamb is sourced from Lorca, which are larger and taste delicious, Paul can offer you whole or part boned leg joint cuts for a roast, or perhaps you prefer a boneless shoulder to roast or barbecue, just ask and he will deliver. Your meat can even be seasoned with an array of different offerings like mint, Moroccan or rosemary and garlic for your lamb. Pork is not left out with Chinese, honey roast or smoky B.B.Q. and the chicken ones are endless with chilli and lime, piri piri, and Cajun to name but a few. Why not test your taste buds and purchase Roy's own seasoning called "Fiery" you have been pre warned!!!


Consistency and quality are the by words here, fresh chickens delivered daily, goujons and fillets prepared to give you variety for meal time, how about lamb grills, minced lamb or skewered and then add a seasoning, which by the way have no artificial colourings, gluten free etc, etc! They even provide written recipes to give you ideas and helpful tips on how best to cook the produce, just ask Steph that's her department!

I haven't mentioned Missing Links "Finest" home-made sausages properly yet, all ingredients are "Grade A" beautiful lean pork is mixed with a little fat, to keep the sausages moist, then carefully blended with seasoning. Usually about six varieties are on offer fresh and others can be purchased from the freezer, with up to twelve differing types you can see why. Besides your regular pork, you will find the likes of Leek, Lemon n Country Herb, Apple, Hot Cajun and much, much more!

If you have visited La Manga Club and tried a meal at the brilliant La Barra caf/ bar at Las Sabinas, well if you have not already then do order a full English breakfast because Missing Links sausages are part of that and boy do they sell some breakfasts!!! All back to basic, sound, healthy prepared produce! Nowadays of course we are made aware of certain problems with pre prepared meals, so many of us are buying our fresh meat and making our own shepherd's pie or steak and kidney, so if Paul can help you out with a certain cut just ask and he will be happy to oblige.

Many of you enjoy the pies and pasties of course, which as originally sourced still come from W.C. Rowe of Cornwall, and are baked and kept to the perfect temperature for eating on the premises. Just eaten a warm pork pie myself, goodness me it was good!!! Variety here is again fantastic you can devour five different kinds of slices, large golden sausage rolls, the traditional Cornish beef pasty available in three forms and brand new to the hotplate the "Bridie" a succulent minced beef slice encased in puff pastry. Not finished yet folks, oh no how about a steak, steak n kidney, minced beef, chicken n mushroom or a meat and potato pie!! Hold on, to finish off, two sizes of pork pie available also! Do not miss out on your favourite , which often can happen when the rush is on, order before and ensure you are not missing out, just call them and put your order in.

Believe it or not you can select some beautiful fruit cakes, Cornish scones, clotted cream, Eccles cakes, cookies, caramel squares, and especially important at the moment Hot Cross buns!

So next time you are out shopping for good quality produce remember to call into Missing Links, Los Belones one street back from the Main Street, it is well signposted.


Opening hours are

Mon to Fri 08.00hrs  till 15.00hrs.

Saturday     08.30hrs  till 14.00hrs.

They have their own website: www.missinglinks.biz where there is loads more info, even a forum. If you prefer to phone then you can contact Steph on 34 650 267 650 and Paul on 34 620 581 126.

Missing Links has maintained its high standards over the years and surely there is no more poignant a time to ensure you know exactly what you are giving yourself and your family to eat, why not call  in, the sooner the better!!

Informer News Paper article March 2013