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Bar-B-Q Heaven Seasonings

Missing Links offer a fantastic range of meats

for all your B.B.Q. feasts


Grill Sticks - Minced Lamb on a stick, hand rolled and seasoned just for you.

Moroccan, Spicy, Mint and Rosemary & Garlic

Lamb Cutlets

canīt be beaten for flavour when sizzled on the BBQ.

For me theyīre great naked, but lots of you I know like them dressed in Mint.

Shoulder or Leg of Lamb:

Another great BBQ favourite. Bone in or out, naked or seasoned

(Cooking instructions)


All made freshly on the premises

Beef & Onion Burgers

Beef & Cracked Black Pepper with Caramelised Onion Burgers

Pork & Apple mini Burgers

Chicken & Chilli & Lime mini Burgers

Lamb & Mint mini Burgers


We have for your delight 4 cuts of STEAKS for your BBQ pleasure

Rump, Rib Eye, Sirloin & Fillet

All fully matured and cut to your requirements


We have 3 to choose from:

Cubes of  Chicken Fillet, Leg of Lamb or Pork Fillet

Freshly cut and seasoned pieces of Meat, Onions & Peppers

lovingly assembled on a wooden skewer by our very own Steph.

Donīt be disappointed; Please order yours in advance


Delicious mini Chicken Burgers with a Chilli & Lime flavour

Fillets: whole or sliced.  Plain or seasoned in Chilli & Lime or Lemon Pepper crumb

Goujons: (the solomillo of the breast) Plain or seasoned in Smoky BBQ or Mexican glaze

Drumsticks: Au naturel or in Piri Piri or Chinese glaze

Boneless Thigh: Naked or dressed in Cajun or Honey Roast

Chicken Wings: In packs, plain or seasoned.

Click here to see our seasoning page for further choices


Ribs: We cut some very meaty Ribs from the Loin and season in

Honey Roast, Chinese or Smoky BBQ - Usually sold in packs of 10

Pork Steaks: Thinly sliced , plain or in your choice of seasoning cook very quick on the BBQ

Pork & Apple mini Burgers:


Our range of “The Finest English Sausages in Spain

Always go down well with the BBQ fraternity

There is a great range of flavours to choose from

(Clink link to see)  (cooking instructions)